1999 Ford Expedition v8 5.4

this morning my expedition crank but wont start so it was send to the nearest mechanic.. Apparently was the fuel pump so they charge me;
Fuel Filter $17.92
Fuel Pump $418.28
Shop supplies? $25.17

remove & replace fuel filter $47.39
Fuel pump pressure testing $47.25
remove & replace Fuel Pump $188.76
I’m just wandering if it was an average or i got overcharge?


1 thought on “1999 Ford Expedition v8 5.4”

  1. I don’t see a charge for diagnostics…. if it is built into the price, then I would say its an average price the work you had done. You can find it cheaper I am certain, but the sometimes you sacrifice quality in doing so.

    Use this free tool to check the fuel pump replacement cost in your area. In my zip code, the average for just the fuel pump is between $439-$703. The high number being a dealership.

    Most dealers are more expensive due to the higher overhead.

    Labor time for fuel pump is 2.4 hours. My shop charges $85 per hour. So the labor would be about $204 and the pump about $340.00, So about $546 but we do not charge shop supplies separate, its built into the shop rate. I would say the repair in toward the high side for an independent shop and about right on target for a dealer or chain.

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