2000 Crown Vic P71 4.6 Ltr

Have a problem with tapping from the engine at high RPM’s. Seems ok while idling, and getting to speed is ok, but if i get on the gas, there is a tapping in the motor. if i am cruising it is ok and no noise, but if i try to pass someone, tapping again. Can anyone give me some ideas what i should check for?  It is a 2000 Ford Crown Victoria Police interceptor, P71 motor 4.6 liter.


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  1. If this is engine pinging it is caused by low octane fuel and can be cured by using 93 or higher Octane. Octane boost can be purchased at just about any auto parts store. (usually will only happen if in gear and under load)

    If this is a hard knock and can but produced in park, then you may have a connecting rod bearing gone bad.

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