1996 chevy blazer 4.3

i can not get it to accelerate over 40 mph

2 thoughts on “1996 chevy blazer 4.3”

  1. If the check engine light is on, check the engine codes first.

    If the check engine light is not on, then check the fuel pressure. Another thing you can do is hold one foot on the brake and at the same time give it gas, if it boggs down, have someone spray starting fluid in it at the same time it is bogging and see if if clears up for a second or two. If it clears up, then you know it wasn’t getting enough fuel and most likely needs a fuel pump(quite common).

    If the engine does not clear up by spraying starting fluid in it. Then you may have a failing MAF Sensor or a clogged catalytic converter.

    Testing the converter back pressure requires a back pressure gauge that screws into the upstream O2Sensor port. The pressure should be below 3 psi at 2500 rpm. if not, it is clogged and the converter will need to be replaced.

  2. I had to remove the fuse for the tail gate and courtesy lights to prevent the battery from runing down. There was a 3 amp draw with the fuse in. Also the light for the clock on the radio doesn’t shut off so I had to remove that fuse also. How do I correct these problems so I can leave the fuses in?

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