2003 suburban…key wont shut off???????

i have a 2003 suburban and when i shut off the key the radio stays on windows still work the PRND123 lights stay on and also the battery light stays on even with the doors open


3 thoughts on “2003 suburban…key wont shut off???????”

  1. In normal situation the all function will work until the door is openned and the computer recieves a signal from the door latch switch to shut off power. Since this isn’t happening, I would think either the door switch is sticking/worn or wiring from the switch.

  2. i unplugged the battery over night and everything worked like it should….then today it was saying the back right door was ajar and when i parked it the radio and battery light stayed on when i shut the truck off. and everything shut off when i turned on the wiper switch…..im lost on this

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