1998 Chevy Z71 4WD lock-up problem

I have a 1998 Chevy Z71. When I put it in 4WD, if I attempt to make sharp left or right turns, the truck will lock up and refuse to move.  I hear groaning and scratching sounds, but cannot locate the source.  If I keep the wheels fairly straight, it drives fine.   The only way to fix it is to take it out of 4WD and straighten the wheels.  

I was given an opinion that the front spider (pinion/side) gears are broken.

3 thoughts on “1998 Chevy Z71 4WD lock-up problem”

  1. It is possible for the spider gears to be broken adn causing this, but more often it is ba u-joints in the front drive axles(not shaft)are worn out.

  2. No, because the front drive axles do no spin unless it is in 4 wheel drive. A good experiment for you would to put all 4 corners on jack stands and have someone put it in 4 wheel drive and you can whatch as they turn the wheel.

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