Mitsubishi Express 2008

I have Mitsubishi Express 2008 manual transmission Van. It’s petrol/lpg. I recently got it serviced (Engine oil, oil filter, coolent, brake fluid, rear axle oil, manual transmission oil, spark plugs, air cleaner filter). After servicing, power/pickup/speed on lpg got reduced however it’s still the same on petrol. Please let me know what went wrong?

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  1. Nothing that has been done as far as servicing should have made a difference. It may be that the tank of Propane(LPG) is not as good of quaility as the tank you used before that you are comparing your numbers with.

  2. I’ve filled the tank twice now however the problem is still the same. I doubt something might be wrong with the spark plugs or the tuning? What you recommend?

  3. Slight chance they put different plugs in it than what was in it, but about the only way to mess up the performance only on LPG would be if the fuel mixture screws where messed with on the LP carb.

  4. It seems to be the problem… I have taken an appointment with my lpg dealer and will find the problem soon… Thanks for your help buddy…

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