I have a 2003 Buick Rendezvous

yesterday I drove my buick just fine.  I turned on the air conditioner and drove 7 miles.  I stoped at a place bought some gas and food at the store, got in the truck to head home . i drove 2 miles and it died. I tried to start it but it wouldn’t start. Today my mechaninc fixed it and charged me $150 dollars I drove it home,  then to my daughters ball game and did fine. We left the ball game and again went 2 miles and it died. Iit was all I could do to turn it in to someones driveway but within 15min it started up so I drove fast to get home but again within 3miles it totally died. What is wrong with it?

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  1. With an intermittant no start such as this it will be difficult to determine the cause. When it has died and will not start, you will need to check for spark and fuel to see which one is missing and concentrate on that part of the system.


    A good test would be to have some starting fluid on hand and shoot some in the air filter the next time it dies and see if it starts right back up. If it does, you will know it is fuel related and can concentrate on that system.

  2. My brother in law has 2003 buick
    it gets fuel
    i not sure about spark yet
    If it has spark and dosen’t start
    then what?
    thanks james

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