can someone tell me how to fix my car

I have a 1996 plymouth breeze that don’t start, I have replace the crankshaft sensor and still after doing that won’t start


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    You will need to check to see if you are missing spark or fuel injector pulse or both.

    Simplify and then concentrate on that area.

    If it has spark, check for fuel injector pulse. If you have fuel injector pulse… make sure it has fuel pressure.

    An easy test if you have spark is to shoot some starting fluid in the air filter and see if it runs. If it does, you know you have a fuel related no start and can concentrate on that weather it be a fuel pump and fuel pump relay, etc.

    If you have plenty of fuel and no spark, then concentrate on that part.

    If you have no spark and no injector pulse it is either the crank sensor or the ECM (computer).

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