I need help.

I have a 99 GMC Sonoma 4.3 L ext. cab with the ZR2 package. 4 wheel disc brakes. My problem is the right rear brake continually wears out prematurely. I have replaced the brakes twice in the last 20000 miles. The last time I replaced calipers, steel lines, and all three rear hoses, I also flushed out all the brake fluid and refilled with new. Can anyone help me, I need to replace the brakes again.

2 thoughts on “I need help.”

  1. I would have to say the right rear caliper is sticking. I do understand you have replaced it once… But it is possible to have gotten a bad part. I would also suggest Good brake pads and not the cheapies if that is what you have been using. Can’t go wrong with Raybestos!


  2. The ‘good’ pads are what I have put on. The first set were Raybestos pads, they were the noisiest brake pads I have ever used, probably won’t use them again. When they wore out, in very short order, I thought I had a sticking caliper so to cover all the bases I replaced the hoses, starting at the dif., and steel lines and both rear calipers. That time I purchased Wagner thermo quiet pads and all the rest of the parts from NAPA using their best line of parts. Getting ready to rip it apart again, will double check the caliper but I believe it to be free. Thanks for reading.

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