overheating 2007 mini cooper

hello i have never had any problems with my 2007 mini.
it is now at 58k miles, and for about a week now, when i turn off the engine, the fan runs for about 5 minutes. 2 days ago, i noticed the engine oil temp guage went up towards 250 degrees, but no red lights or hazard lights went on. i turned on the heater to cool the engine, and cool air blew out. i cut the engine and coasted, then when i tried to restart the engine…it would not start.
it still will not start. i had it towed to a garage, and it seems to be NOT getting combustion. the fluids were fine….coolant was fine, and the oil was a little low.
BEFORE i have the head gasket replaced, is there any other option, or any safety feature on the car that kicks in to keep the engine from over heating that i should know about?
could it be something simple (read:less expensive) that could be the problem here….
the fluids were intact and full, no smoke or steam, no leakage
slight overheating coolant smell
thanks for any information…


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  1. There is no safety feature that removes compression. If the engine has lost all compression, the cheapest fix would be the head gaskets if this is why it has no compression.

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