camaro rear end

i have a question about a camaro

it has a 10 bolt rear end and i was wondering

how to fix a howl sound. now the hard part

some one put a mini spool in it and obviously

didn’t know what they were doing so what could

be wrong and how do i fix it.? plz help.

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  1. When a rear end differential is installed a “Backlash” gauge is used to determine which shims are needed to achieve the correct backlash. It should be somewhere between .007 and .015 . Without this gauge and a Press you will not be able to correct this noise.

    Note* If the howl noise only occurs when letting off the gas(engine dragging) then the rear end it set up too loose.

    If the howl is constant and the car has no drag when put in neutral, it is ok to drive and will not cause harm.

    Some Drag Racers set rear ends up tight if running slicks, Nitrous, etc. to keep from causing damage on launch. If this is a wheel stander, I would leave it tight.

    If when put in neutral and costing and you notice drag from the rear end it is set up way too tight and will need to be fixed or damage will occur form too much friction(heat).

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