1997 Toyota Celica GT With 2.2 Engine

Is there a gasket under the fitting to which the oil filter attaches? I have oil leaking from that area. Thank You!


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  1. Yes. Every oil filter comes with a rubber gasket. In some cases the when the old filter is removed the old gasket sticks the engine and when the new filter is installed you now have two gaskets where only one is needed. This is a common occurrence and replacing the oil filter and double checking for only the one gasket should cure the issue.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I may not have been clear in my question. There is a cylindrical fitting to which the oil filter attaches. The leak is below this cylindrical fitting, not from the gasket on the filter. Any thoughts? Thanks very much…Bob

  3. There is a gasket there too. Remove the oil filter. And then remove the fitting you just unscrewed the oil filter from… this is the retaining bolt. Once removed you should be able to replace the gasket easily.

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