May 292010

The speedometer cable on my 92 accord is not working it will bounce up and down or just stay on 0 is there an easy fix for this.

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  1. There is not an easy fix for sure. Nothing like changing batteries in a flashlight anyway.

    You will need to disconnect the cable at both ends and examine the cable movement(see if it is binding) and also examine the gear it plugs into on both ends to see if they are damaged. And you guest it, replace what you find is worn/broken.

  2. You will need to replace the speed sensor located on the top side of tranny. you can see it when looking straight down on the firewall side of the EGR valve. It has an electrical connector attached to it and is secured with 2 10mm bolts. THERE IS NO SPEEDOMETER CABLE IT IS ELECTRONIC

    Be carefull not to lose the little pin that comes out with it. I would use 1/4″ drive with a foot worth of extension attached, and have a telescopic magnet and a flashlight handy. Also the electrical connector can be a real batch to come apart.

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