1989 ford ranger sending unit help

1989 Ford Ranger 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 

I need a new FUEL SENDING UNIT but when I talked to a local auto supplier they asked if the sending unit was on the passenger or driver side. Is there anyway I can tell which sending unit I need to purchase without dropping the fuel tank?

Apparently, the sending unit for the “drivers side” is twice the price of the passenger side but when I searched EBAY to purchase a sending unit it never indicated whether it was for the drivers or passenger  side.

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  1. A fuel Sending unit is in the gas tank and sends an electrical signal to the fuel gauge on the dash to display how much fuel you have left.

    A fuel Pump sends fuel to the fuel rail. On this vehicle it has 2 fuel pumps. One low pressure pump located in the gas tank mounted to the fuel sending unit. And One high pressure pump located on the frame rail of the truck.

    So you will need to attach a fuel pressure gauge to the the fuel rail test port and test the pressure. It needs to be 30 psi. If all you see is 20 psi or less, you need to replace the high pressure pump on the track frame. If you see 0 (zero) psi, you will need to replace the fuel pump in the tank.

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