94 Buick Oldsmobile. Harmonic Balancer.

The harmonic balancer in my Oldsmobile went bad. I bought a new Balancer and removed the old balancer. The bad balancer was extremely tough to remove. I rented a Pully Puller from my local Autozone. The Pully Puller wasnt big enough to remove the balancer completely. Therefore,  I used a socket as a spacer. I put the socket in the crank shaft (where the bolt goes that holds the balancer in place). I got the bad balancer off but got the socket stuck in the shaft. I tried drilling the socket to  smaller width and then hitting it with a pick and hammer. Those stainless steel sockets are tougher than i thought. Then I took it to my mechanic who tried heating it then removng it, no success. There is brass behind it so it cant get too hot. He told me to talk to a machinist and see what they could do. This car isnt worth much and im not looking to spend much to fix it. Does anyone have any advice and/or help with my problem?

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