Dakota Transmission troubles

I have a 2002 Dodge Dakota 4WD and 3.9L. Driving yesterday, I stepped on gas and tach rose but truck didn’t go any faster. Check engine light came on and is still on. Tried manual shifting of automatic transmission and it worked. Now when in drive the transmission seems to slip for a little while from a dead stop but then is ok. Any ideas on the problem or what it may cost and where might be a good place to take it?


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  1. 1) Check Your transmission fluid level, a low level can cause lots of function issues.
    2) Check transmission fluid color, burnt fluid is an indication of deteriorating clutch material
    3) Have your check engine light codes scanned.

    If the transmission is slipping and the fluid is full and pretty pink, you may have a failing shift solenoid.

    If the fluid is burnt and full, you are looking at a complete rebuild.

    I recommend any Jsaper Transmission installer. Jasper transmission are not rebuilt, but remanufactured and come with a 3 yr. 100,000 mile PARTS and LABOR nationwide warranty.

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