Vapor Lock 1991 Toyota Camry DX?

I have a 1991 Toyota Camry DX, 4 Cylinder. It dies out while driving down the road. But only does it When I run the A/C. Is this Vapor Lock? And if it is How do I fix Vapor Lock For a 1991 Toyota Camry DX?

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  1. This is not vapor lock. Vapor lock would not allow you to start the engine at all.

    This is Air Conditioning, since it only happens when you turn your A/C on. If it takes a minute to die after turning on the A/C, the problem is most likely a failed High Pressure Switch that isn’t telling the compressor to turn off when it should.

    If the engine dies immediately when you turn the A/C on, you may have an electrical issue that will require lengthy wire tracing with a multi-meter.

  2. No I can drive for about 30- 45 minutes with air on then it just starts cutting out and dies on me when i press on the gas it starts, choking. when i let off the gas it still idles fine but i loose speed and then it dies. Then I have to wait for about 5 minutes or so before it will start again. plus after shutting off my air. but if it does start right back up then if i still go for about 2 miles it will do it again until i pull over and let it cool off for a while. How do I fix this????

  3. Yours is a fuel injected vehicle and vapor lock cannot occur on a fuel injected vehicle. Has the fuel filter been changed recently? You could have a failing fuel pump. To confirm this drive the car with a fuel pressure gauge hooked up to the rail and post the fuel pressure psi values under different engine loads. Note that regardless of the load on the engine the fuel pressure psi values should remain constant. Pull the rubber hose on the fuel pressure regulator. If fuel is present inside the hose, it means the regulators diaphram is fractured and the regulator must be replaced.

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