1990 ford ranger fuel pump will not run

I have a 1990 ford ranger with a 2.3 liter. My fuel pump will not work.I replaced the pump,relay and the batteries ground cable.I have a wire that runs from the ground on battery to the fuel pump relay he is getting about 8 volts could you help me find the problem? thanks


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  1. Check the inertia switch (fuel cut off switch) This switch shuts off the fuel pump in the event of a collision. Once the switch has been tripped, it must be reset manually in order to start the engine.

    The inertia switch is located on the toe-board, to the right of the transmission hump, in the passenger-side footwell.

    But your relay should see battery voltage on the BLK/YEL wire that comes from a 30 amp fuse#1.
    The RED wire that goes to the Relay should be Battery Negative.
    The TAN?LT GRN wire going to the relay sends a battery negative to the ECM at pin #22
    The ORG/LT BLU wire connects from ECM pin #8 to the relay and activates the relay to send battery voltage to the Fuel Pump on a ORG/LT BLU wire.

  2. fuel cut off switch, does this switch act up like works and doesn’t work. i put in a new pump in my tank and a couple months later, i had to sit waited and my 96 ranger startered. after that it really startered acting up and i had to use starter fuild and the truck will run. now the fuel pump won’t turn on again. I am thinking cheap fuel pump and I may need to replace again, maybe got a bad pump. what should i check first before dropping the tank again please. It’s winter time here in wisconsin and I work outside.. thank you Robert

  3. Thank you I will do that, I know the battery is hooked up clean. will check grounds and clean them up. Salt can do that around here. Thank you again. If that doesn’t work what could my next step. thank you robert

  4. If you find that you have a good ground and battery positive going to the fuel pump and zero fuel pressure(use gauge) then it is time to replace the fuel pump… this is assuming you have already made sure the fuel filter isn’t clogged.

  5. my 90 ford ranger wont start it is sounding like it is not getting any gas the fuel filter has been recently replaced and the fuel pump cuts on when u turn the key yet it still is not getting any gas. any advice for this

  6. 2003 ford ranger edge; it has not been run in a year. it will not stay running. I start it, it idles up then down i hit the gas and it stops running. when I got it, it drove for about 5 miles then died. I pumped the old gas out and put new in with a cleaner.

  7. Does it start right back up again after it dies?
    If yes, you will want to have the fuel pressure checked. The old gas make have clogged the fuel filter and or taken to damaging the fuel pump.

    Also the idle up and down may be an IAC valve issue, separate from the not staying running issue.

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