My brakes make a horrible a screeching noise with light pressure on the brake. They’ve been inspected several times and I ‘m told my brakes are fine. I’m told the thickness of the brake pads is fine. They’ve blown off “dust” which didn’t improve anything. I’m told they can cut the rotor but you can only get one cut from a rotor. I can have new brakes installed but if I’m told my brakes are fine…why would I have new ones put on? I’m at a loss on how to remedy this situation. This is a new vehicle. Brake noise started at 8,000 miles. It’s a 2009 JEEP Grand Cherokee.


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  1. from a safety and function stand point, there is no need to replace the brakes. The brakes will perform properly.

    You can have the brakes cleaned multiple times but unless you have the pads and rotors replaced, the noise will return over time.

    I would think after the third time you took it to the dealer for a noise, they would fix the problem.

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