2002 Mercury Mountaineer

Hello all, I have a quick question. I have a 2002 Mercury mountaineer
and I was just told that the timing chain is causing my truck to make a rattling noise and that it needs to be replaced. I am currently in bewtween jobs and I was told that it can be pretty expensive to repair. Any ideas on what I should do? Does it take an experienced mechanic to make this kind of repair or is it something I could do myself? Is is even worth it? Thanks!


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  1. Assuming this is a 4.0L engine, it is quite common for the timing chain assembly to make noise as the failure part is the timing chain tensioner. I is usually on the back side as this engine has 3 chains. This is an expensive repair and depending on the shape and mileage of the rest of the vehicle would determine if it is worth doing or not. This job requires special tools and I would not recommend doing this yourself.

  2. i just replaced the some motor in my 98 mountaineer had the some noise having problom sealing intake even with a new gasket

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