Oct 202010

i have 2004 explorer no heat but strong ac replaced thermostat and topped off antifreeze all that comes out is cold air.

  3 Responses to “NO HEAT”

  1. You have a clogged heater core if one hose is hot going to the heater core and one hose is cold. If neither hose is hot, you have a bad heater control valve. If both heater hoses are hot at the heater core, then you have a failed HOT/COLD Blend door actuator that is located deep in the dash.

    This is assuming that the coolant level is not low for any reason.

  2. how hard is it to get to the hot cold blend door thanks charlie

  3. For an experienced mechanic, getting to the blend door actuator is a pain. For a novice, 3 times the pain.

    Use the auto repair manuals tab to the top left if you need specifics.

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