1991 Plymouth Laser (non turbo)

The car can sit and idle steady all day long at 750 rpm in PARK.  When car is warm and put into gear, the idle drasticly drops and idles rough. ( car doesn’t always stay running. )    The car has new timing belt put on by the dealer, new plugs, wires, module, and air cleaner.  Can you give me any ideas to try and correct my problem?  The engine is a 2.0 liter, non turbo.

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  1. Sounds like you have had some good work done here. I am curious if it runs ok when it is off idle? If it runs poorly off idle, then I would say the timing belt is one tooth off and need sto be corrected. If it runs smooth and has its normal pick up, then I would move on to the next couple of things.

    1) I would make sure the inside (throat) of the throttle body is clean and not gummed up. This can hinder the idle just enough to cause the issue you are having. Use brake wash and a rag with the engine off to clean it.

    2) Next, Making certain you have good gas in it(assuming it hasn’t been setting for a long time). I would double check the distributor timing if equipped.

    3) Check for any stored Chrysler Check Engine Light Codes

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