1996 Toyota Corolla Alignment Issue

Initial Issue: My car was misaligned (pulling to the right, so corrected with wheel adjustment to the left), and shuddering while driving.
Action: I took my car to a local Toyota dealership. I told them about the shuddering, that I know I need new tires but would be purchasing elsewhere, and that my car was misaligned.
Toyota Fix: They replaced the front wheel bearings.
Tire Fix: I then took my car (the same night) to get new tires.
Tire/ Balance Check: I noticed afterwards that my car was now pulling to the LEFT with a needed wheel correction turn to the right.
Second Time Around: I took my car back to the tire place. They checked the tires and balance, switched the front two tires to make sure it was not a tire defect/ issue. Everything was okay.
Toyota Alignment Check: I took my car back to the Toyota dealership, where they did an alignment. Afterwards, I was told that something underneath (referred to by the serviceman as ‘it’) was bent, and had been extended as far as it could, but my car would still pull to the left ever so slightly, and not to worry as it would not have an overall effect on my tire-wear & tear.

My issue with this ‘fix’: If my car was pulling a good deal to the right prior to being serviced, and now the pull to the left cannot be corrected due to ‘it’ being bent… is it possible/ likely that ‘it’ got bent during service? If so, would it most likely have happened while having the wheel bearings replaces or the new tires put on? Sorry, I was so appalled I did not ask what ‘it’ was… however, he said it would be ‘a lot’ of money to replace, and did not recommend that given the ever so slight pull. I purchased Perrelli tires with an 85,000 mile or 6 year Warranty. The last thing I want to do is to cause excessive wear and tear due to a possible mechanic error that someone is trying to cover up.

Any suggestions? Thank you!