1998 Oldsmobile Aurora poor millage after tune up??

recently my mother had a tune up done to her 98 oldsmobile, new plugs, new wires,oil change,and new O2 sensor and even had new tires put on. But now after that her gas millage has dropped from about 28mpg to about 18mpg. Is there anything that could be causing the poor gas millage. She is still using the same type of gas and isn’t driving more agressively. Kind of at a loss to why it would be getting such poor millage after everything that was done to improve the running condition. And she had the gas lines and tank checked for leaks and there were none. I have been trying to think of another reason but im at a complete loss as to what it might be.



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  1. There has been a Recall on these vehicles for the fuel lines(made of plastic) breaking and leaking. I have seen this a several engines. Normally you can not see this as there is a big cover over the engine that hides the fuel lines from view. in most cases you can smell the fuel under the hood. But to be safe, this would be the first place i would look since the mechanic was working around that area. The Recall would allow the dealership to replace the fuel lines free of charge, so it may be a good idea to call the dealership and give the Service Department your VIN# to see if you qualify. SAFETY FIRST!

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