06 Pontiac Grand Prix

After driving my 06 grand prix for about a hour or so it starts losing power and like the transmission is slipping. But i just had the transmission rebuilt not even a month ago. But after driving for about a hour its like its losing power and don’t wanna go.. And it makes my traction control light comes on and won’t go off.. When i park the car and let it sit over night or for a few hours it’s fine and the traction control light is off.. And the car drives fine for about nothing hour or so. Why is is doing this?

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  1. There could be a few different reasons for this.
    1) Your transmission could be slipping and the rebuild wasn’t done right
    2) The catalytic converter could be clogged.
    3) Maf Sensor could be failing
    4) Your brake calipers might be sticking.

    Is your check engine light on? Are your front wheels too hot to touch after it starts to loose power? Does the engine rpms rev really high but the car just won’t move?

  2. The transmission that was in the car they replaced it with another rebuilt transmission ( i don’t know anything about the one they put in there) but mine couldn’t be rebuilt. I took it to a muffler shop and just from them checking it out some kind of air test or something. They said the catalytic converter was fine. Maf Sensor don’t know anything about that. Brake caliper don’t know anything about that either. Check engine light is not on. Front wheels are not to hot to touch after it starts losing power. RPM doesn’t rev really high. But it stay down alot. Like when driving 45 or 50 and coming to a stop the rpm is already down on 1. Does that only goes up when pushing the gas pedal? Never had this problem before the transmission got replaced. But now having this problem.

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