2001 Kia Rio

Car has no power and a miss. Im in WV. Care will not pull the hills around here. Speed drops down to 20mph and I down shift all the way to first gear. Just started acting up the other day.  No take off power when at a stop light. Have to tack out the rpms to get going.    Car has new head, timing belt, tranny, and water pump.    Coders right now are #1 piston misfire ( spark plug is covered in oil). Knock Sensor code and  than PO443 Purge valve, PO110 IAT.      Car kinda did this a few nonths ago and gave same codes. I cleaned the Ideal air intake sensor ( i think thats the name ) with carb cleaner and that fixed it. Thought this may be same thing. I checked and does not seem to be pluged like last time. This part does have electrical part to it – dont know if that could be bad. Its a $160 bucks new.    Help please


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