Mar 152011

i have a 1993 oldsmobile cutlass ciera and my engine isn’t getting fuel i just replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter…. any suggestions??

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  1. Check for injector pulse, if you have no injector pulse or spark (assuming your ECM Fuse is good) then you have a bad crank sensor or ECM(COMPUTER)

  2. I am helping my buddy with his 90 Olds ciera with a v6. The car will idle then shut off. He had the fuel pump replaced and the same thing happens. I thought the fuel regulator. The check engine light is not on.

  3. instead of throwing parts at it, see what is missing when it won’t restart. Is it missing fuel or spark. Most likely spark… and most likely cause is the ignition module for the ’90 Olds. But I would make sure it is missing spark when it won’t start first.

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