Audi A4 1999 Auto Transmission


I have an Audi A4 1999 1.8 non turbo. I bought the car used 3 years ago with a 3 month warranty. Luckily, or unluckily, the transmission started to show problems within 3 months, with a hugh “kicking” feeling to the whole car. So I sent the car for a repair.

After the repair, it was running great again, but only for a few months. To put it short, the car has been to the repair shop for about 6 – 7 times due to the transmission within my 3 years of using it. All of which are come-back jobs that the repair shop didn’t do a great job for the previous one. I normally do not have to pay for the repairs other than maybe 2 -3 times, which the the repair shop claims that it has nothing to do with his previous job.

Problems that happened ranges from: Kicking feel when a certain gear changes, Not changing gears (lock up), Weak gear (it’s hard to get the car moving), and now (i just got my car back) it suddenly downshifts to 1st gear when the 3rd gear tries to engage 4rd gear.

I would just like to know, is it the repair shop’s problem, my driving (I tend to have a heavy foot), or that my gearbox is actually beyond repair already. And what do you propose to be done, other than selling off the car.



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  1. I would have to say that if I had to take a car back for the same issue 6 to 7 times, I would find a New Shop!

    No matter whos at fault, the car or the poor repair, I think it is time to start over with a new car and a new mechanic.

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