Lincoln Mark VIII

My Lincoln Mark VIII no longer rises when I start it. How can I manually elevate the vehicle? It sits to low to be towed

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  1. This is correct. if there is a hole in the air shock, it will not elevate no matter how much air you put in it, it will just leak back out….

    A flat bed tow truck can drag the car up on the bed with the use of dollies that do not require the tires on your car to turn…. ask one, they will tell you this also.

  2. Thanx! I have a feeling the pump or compresser is the culprit. When it was functioning I was able to hear evidence that the car was rising. All of the sudden that process just stopped. If I can get air into the system some kind of way then I should be able to determine if leaking is the real problem. What do you think?

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