1992 Ford F-150 battery problems

I have a 1992 Ford F-150 5.8 liter with automatic trans. Something is draining the battery when the truck is off. What could be doing it?


2 thoughts on “1992 Ford F-150 battery problems”

  1. This could be from a number of things. A bad cell in the battery itself (most common. A bad diode in the alternator. A not closed all the way glove box will let the light stay on. A peeny stuck in the cigar lighter. A recently insstalled after market radio…. the list goes on.

    You are going to have to narrow it down.

  2. The alternator is working, had it checked and when it’s running it charges the battery at about 13 volts (on the gage). Also checked all the lights and lighter, nothing is on. I even keep the radio and heater turned off. Nothing new had been added to the truck. Was hopeing not to have to take it to the dealer as I really don’t have the money. I have little knowledge of trucks and even fewer tools. I was kind of hopeing it might be something i could just disconnect and still run the truck. I maybe drive 500 miles a year and can’t put hundreds or thousands of dollars into fixing it.

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