2000 Saturn SL1 Will not turn over/start

Starter turns over just fine. Car revs like it going to start but won’t fire up. Come back in a little bit, car does the same. I turn to start, starter kicks right it, car revs but won’t turn over. Come back, turn the key, car start right up. Car sits all night, try and start, starts right up. Two days later, starter turn, can won’t turn over. It’s been up and down like this for some time. Changed, fuel pump, filter, IAC valve, clean or replaced several other sensor, car does the exact same thing as above. Turn key, starter engauges and spin to start the car, car won’t start. Come back later, car starts right up. The one strange thing noticed is the car seem to start when the outside tempartur is pretty warm.


2 thoughts on “2000 Saturn SL1 Will not turn over/start”

  1. Sounds more like an electrical issue. Next time it will no start for you, check to see if it is getting spark. If it is, then you know it is fuel related if it is not, you know it is ignition related. Could be the ignition control module or loose connection. But you are going to need to find out what it isn’t getting when it won’t start in order to help narrow down the possibilities.

  2. I have 1998 Saturn sl1 and have had the same exact problem. Iv been told to change spark plugs, wires, and the coil pack…

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