May 232011

Recently I bought a car and after 6000km I decided to change the engine oil and the oil filter. When I was checking the dipstick the oil level and the color were fine. However, I was surprised when I changed it because the color of the oil was red????? On the sticker was written that the oil in the engine is Castrol 20w-50 GTX (the oil that I changed). The car goes well and does not burn oil at all. I have never seen oil with that color, so I was wondering what can be the reason for that???
The new oil that I put in the engine is “Castrol 10w-40 magnetic”.

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  1. The previous owner may have put an addative in with the oil that cause the red color. Like seafoam or something like that. As long as it had oil in it, i wouldn’t worry to much about it.

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