98 F150 light issues

Son’s truck – new engine installed in Feburary, been working fine.  Has a Viper alarm system on truck.  ABS light has been on solid.  Now when truck is started ABS begins flashing.  Replaced 3 blown 15 amp fuses.  Will have to verify which ones, but all light or brake related.  Now I notice all lights in rear of truck stay lit as soon as the headlights are turned on.  This truck also has daytime running lights (DRL).  I am wondering if a ABS sensor is shorted, but don’t see anything running to rear drums even though one fuse I replaced is for rear ABS (RABS)?  I am going to check the stearing column for possible wiring issues, but where do I find the ABS sensors?  Are they front and rear?

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  1. ABS system has a problem that needs to be corrected asap is why it is flashing. A solid ABS light simply means it has sensed an issue and has disabled itself. You will need a scan tool to pull the codes for this issue.

    As for the brake lights being on all the time but only with the key it may have something to do with the alarm system. If you just mean the tail lights, then this is normal when you turn on the headlights.

    ABS Sensors are located at each wheel in the front and uses the VSS (vehicle Speed Sensor) located in the transmission or rear end for the Rear ABS.

    Again, you will need to pull the ABS Codes in order to guide you in the right direction.

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