Hello, I have an 03 Escape V6, Im having fuel starvation issues with my engine. They are random, have nothing to do with the fuel level of the tank either. She will start to chug along as if the engine is misfiring.  check engine light flashes while she is rocking. upon exceleration the rpms run smoother but not even. on idle my rpms will jump slightly. it doesnt seem to want to stall on hard exceleration or idle. Im not sure if its an injector..fuel pump..or O2 sensor…or anything else i could be missing… Help!! Thank you, Samantha

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  1. First thing you will need to do is to scan the codes. This can be done for free at Autozone, then you can post the code/s back here for further help.

    Without the codes we are simply guessing it needs a tune up, a coil or a MAF Sensor. So instead of spending money on a guess, scan the codes and we will narrow down the fix and the expense.

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