Aug 022011

my 1993 camry hick ups while in gear. when the car is in idle its ok but when it warms up and it goes in to gear it starts to hick up. if I push the gas pedal its better. as soon as I get to a light and stop the car it turns off. I have changed fuel filter, sparks and wires and distributor cap. its as is the cars chokes every few seconds. what could be the problem.

thank you for your answers

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  1. First thing to do would be to scan the computer codes, You can have this done for free at AutoZone. Could be a sticking EGR or a sticking idle speed control.

  2. Anyone have iessus getting the rear shock off? I removed the nut but the bushing seems fused to the mounting bolt. I pulled on the shock, and it came off but the bushing stayed on and it wont budge…. Great video by the way! The other shock came off and went back on smoothly

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