2001 Pontiac Grand Prix Wiper Pulse Module

I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix SE,3.1 L engine.The wipers only work on high or
off,no low or intermittant.Ive changed out the Combo switch(turn
signal,cruise,and wiper delay) It still does the same thing.I cannot find a
Relay to the wiper system,but ive heard about the Wiper Pulse Module.Do you
think this is the problem ?  Thanks Danny

2 thoughts on “2001 Pontiac Grand Prix Wiper Pulse Module”

  1. Yes the pulse module is the problem, it is located inside the back panel of the wiper motor assembly. When you go to the parts store and get a replacement, hang on to the receipt as you may need to take it back…. Why you ask? Most of the wiper motors available at the parts stores are re-manufactured and the quality just isn’t there with these. I would say 1 in 5 aren’t even looked at by the re-manufacturer and simply cleaned up and re-boxed for sale.

    So if you install the replacement only to have a similar but sometimes different issue with the wipers, just take it back and try another one…..

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