Ford 2004 F150 XL Slow Coolant leak.

I have a 2004 F150 V8 4.L That I Just had the oil changed on back in June and I have done quite a bit of driving in it and I haven’t noticed anything different in the way it handles yesterday I noticed a puddle under my car that appear tp be coolant that is leaking very slowly over the course of the day It’s almost dripping from the dead center middle of the 2 front tires so I checked the coolant resivor and it appears to be lower than it should be I tried to look under it and all down in the top but I can’t see where the leak is coming from. I pulled the oil dip stick to check for any odd colors in with the oil and it looks more than fine no milky or strange colors at all. The temperature gages haven’t changed at all to my knowledge and I’m not sure how long it’s been leaking what do you think I’m looking at?

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  1. Sounds like your water pump is leaking. You should have your shop pressure test the cooling system to make certain before having the water pump replaced. Until you get it to the shop, make sure you keep the coolant topped off.

  2. This question stpumed me when you asked it, but I have the answer. It either has a PCV problem or the car’s not getting hot enough to boil water in the winter time (short trips). Cold air causes condensation.All cars produce nitrates, water vapor (from the air) and oxides with combustion. Some gets past the rings. A working PCV system is supposed to suck that out of the crankcase and back into the engine. But if the car’s not driven hot it pools in the crankcase.

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