Aug 142011

  4 Responses to “code P2402 on 2007 Mazda3i”

  1. P2402: EVAP Detection pump circuit high
    Code P2402: this is supposed to be for the evap system and sometimes it erroneously happens when the auto doorlock is used at the wrong moments. P2402 DTC means excessive pressure differential, and indicates that you have a slow leak problem somewhere in the EVAP loop.

  2. Do you have any drawings to show the location of the components. The car was involved in a front end collision and the bumper had to be repaird. Could something under the hood have been knocked loose?

  3. Anything is possible when the car is involved in a wreck. You may want to check out the “repair manuals” section to your left for component locations.

  4. I doubt that a front end collision would be the problem for this for I have the same CEL and Located the Evap leak detection pump and it’s connected in the following way to a air filter or breather of some sort along the neck of the fuel hose. The exact location of the unit is very uncomfortable to get to. If you follow the fuel hose from the filler door to the gas tank you’ll see two parrallel lines one steel the other black (flex looking) you’ll see a component which the black line connects to. That Black/white solenoid looking unit is the evap leak detection pump. To remove you will need a stubby 10mm speed wrench, a pair of pliers to remove the hose that goes to the fuel tank, ohh and lots of patience(like I said space is very restricted). Mine stopped functioning, so I replaced it(common problem on this model as you can see on other forums). The part is rather expensive but it’s a Mazda. Dealer in Houston charges $158.74 for the part. You can order it online for as little as $120.00 Including shipping.
    Good luck!! And enjoy getting your hands dirty!

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