Brakes and tires

car goes everywhere when breaking.  We just put two different used tires on the car.  The tires are the right size and have the correct pressure.


2 thoughts on “Brakes and tires”

  1. By “different” do you mean brand, radial or non-radial, 2 or 4 ply, etc. There’s lots of specs on tires. Use a tire expert who isn’t only interested in selling you tires.
    When you’re done w/ the tires, change your oil over to synthetic and use Propylene Glycol antifreeze/coolant, superior, instead of the lethal & toxic ethylene glycol most people use.

  2. If this only happened after you put the used tires on, you may have gotten a used tire with a busted belt in it. You will need to jack up each wheel(follow all safety procedures noted in the owners manual) and spin them and visually look at them to see if they appear good or not. Or you can have you local mechanic check them out for you.

    If the tires check out OK, you my just have a sticking caliper or air in the brake lines. This would mean that only one caliper is grabbing the and causing the vehicle to pull to one side.

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