Sep 112011

Okay..I just had my transmission totally replaced.  About a month after that was done, I started noticing the occassional “clunk” coming from the front end.  It doesn’t happen all the time, but is becoming more frequent.  Not sure if it’s the steering, the transmission or the cv joint (will ‘clunk’ going straight or turning—but it’s not happening all of the time)

*2004 for freestar*

*4.2L engine*

*no warning lights, smells, smoke*

*no troubles driving it at all—so far*

*no visible leaks–did find a grease spot, but no constant leaking otherwise*

  One Response to “clunk from the front”

  1. I suggest taking it back to the transmission shop and at the very least get some paperwork signed by them documenting this issue had in fact been reported so that as it gets worse you will have better luck getting it repaired under warranty.

    Most likely it is in the transmission.

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