Toyota Camry 99

Hey can anyone help me, its my car 99 toyota camry

and my engine is louder then usual and rmp goes to 3 every time

I  hit the gas paddle. I changed oil about 3 months ago and

changed spark plugs too. Can anyone please tell me why it does that

I appreciate your help. thnx

3 thoughts on “Toyota Camry 99”

  1. Louder usually indicates and exhaust leak. Camrys are also prone to water pumps going out and this can cause an odd engine noise. (hard to tell with out hearing it)

    Most engines will rev when you hit the gas pedal….. not sure what you are asking here, more details might help????

  2. Easiest way to tell if a motor is locked up is by removing all the spark plugs and putting a wrench on the crankshaft and trying to turn it. If it will not turn… Its locked up.

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