08 Mazda5 sport 5-speed manual transmission

We bought 08 Mazda5 in May 08, and it has 20,300 on the odometer.  Last week, the clutch failed in the middle of the highway.  I started to notice that the clutch was slipping about a week prior to the incident.  The dealer told us that we needed to replace a clutch.  We agreed to replace a clutch, brake pads, air filters, drive belt, and cabin air filter.  They also performed wynn’s fuel/emmision system flush service.   When I picked up my car today, I immediately noticed the awkward sound every time I changed the gear.  Suddenly, the gear got stuck as I was driving  home from the dealer.  When I stopped the car, I saw all the warning lights were off including, engine, battery, engine oil, ABS, power steeling, and air bags.  Moreover, all the electronic gradually died when I was waiting to get the car towed, and I could not start the car.  I didn’t have any problem before I took it for a repair.  What is happening to my car?