1990 blazer 350 5.7

Hi I got a 1990 blazer k5 4×4 5.7 350 full size blazer that I’m having problems with the injectors wont inject they wont spray first we thought it was the fuel pump and fuel filter but it wasn’t it or the computer it ain’t none of that. the strangest thing is if I get a piece of wire and wire it to the injectors to place it to ground the injectors will start working they will spray a lot but it get flooded so we bought a new computer it still the injectors wont work they wont spray. I’m out of ideas please help

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  1. The injectors should all have a common positive and receive a pulsating negative signal form the computer to make them fire. In most cases where you don’t have injection pulse but do have Fuel Pressure and Spark it is the crank/cam shaft sensor or the computer. Keep in mind that is is possible to have gotten a bad new computer. I have received several bad re-manufactured computers in the past. Also, you may have some bad or old wiring causing an issue. You may want to double check the wiring using a wiring diagram.


  2. I had the same Sh— out of my 1990 chevy G20 van It was the oil psi sending unit. The computer checks just 2 mila seconds for oil psi. Drove me nuts and i spent. LOTS of money.

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