Brakes locking up while driving

I have a Toyota T100 that is having some major brake problems.  We’ve had it in and out of the shop since October and replaced most of the brake system except the master cylinder.  As you are driving along the brakes just lock down tight.  If you let it sit and cool off, then it will work for awhile.  It is getting rather expensive with no solution to the problem.  I would really like to hear some suggestions on what to do.


2 thoughts on “Brakes locking up while driving”

  1. First step in diagnosing the problem would be to figure out which brakes are locking up. I would use an infr-red thermometer gun here at the shop and drive the vehicle till the brakes lock up and then take a tempurature reading of each wheel to see which one/s are extremely hot. This would tell me which wheel/s are the problem. If you do not have one of these tools, you may just need to see which ones you can not touch(it can burn you)to help locate the problem area.

    Then you’ll need to jack it up and confirm you can not rotate that particular wheel. Then you will need to determine if you need to replace the caliper and or caliper hose or both.

  2. To me i think the mastercylinder or the callipers might be faulty but to identify and isolate the problem, drive the vehicle until it locks up then touch all the wheels and feel the one with high tempurature and once you have identified the hot one, jack the vehicle on the wheels that are locked and loosen the the nuts securing the Mastercylinder and then rotate the wheels and if they rotate then the mastercylinder is faulty and replace it and if they do not spin then the callipers are locking and replace or service them

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