Jan 162012

I have a Kia sportage and there is a violent knocking noise coming from the top end no loss of power to engine idles fine until you press the gas and the noise starts no leaks anywhere and all fluids are full what could this be?

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  1. In general an internal knocking noise at idel are worn main bearing and no noise at idle but gets louder off idle are worn rod bearings.

  2. When the car is it idle it doesn’t make any knocking noise but when you hit the gas it knocks and the more gas you give it the louder the noise is could it still be that. Problem?

  3. The engine is a 2 liter dohc if that helps any

  4. In general an internal knocking noise that gets louder when you hit the gas are worn rod bearings. You could remove the serpentine belt and test for the noise again to be certain it is internal.

  5. Why would it sound like its coming from the top end if it’s the rod bearings?

  6. The noise sounds like its coming from the right side of the engine

  7. Rod bearing failure can give the piston the ability to move further upward in the cylinder and often times allows the piston to come in contact with the bottom of the cylinder head causing a knocking noise.

  8. I had it taken to a shop but no work has been done. Yet they told me it could also be a camshaft or a bad valve is this possible

  9. Hard to get to, but if u unplug each injector wire one at a time to test. It will tell you which cylinder the knock is comming from by a extreame difference in noise level. rod knock is a higher pitch rap and crank is a low tone thud from the bottom of the engine.

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