1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Loredo

On Friday evening my Jeep started making this noise like the wheel on wheel of fortune spinning (sorry but best way to explain it). Was told that it was a lifter knocking so oil was checked and 1 quart was added which didn’t help at all. 13hrs later the noise got a little louder and the steering wheel shook hard for a split second and it died. It will not start back or attempt to even turn over. When you turn the key it clicks one time and nothing. Today for starters the oil was drained and it had water in it as did the oil pan and where you put oil into your vehicle there was lots of oil deposit. Thinking it was a cracked head they were checked and all is good. So maybe the rocker arm broke and threw a rod…all of that is fine. Mechanic told me to take out spark plugs and if there was water in the cylinders and on top of the pistons then that would lock up the motor….everything’s fine. So he told us to try and turn the motor by hand and if it turned then it wasn’t locked up. It will turn but very very little and it is very very hard to turn. ANY SUGGESTIONS on what to try next would be GREAT. I am a home health nurse that needs my vehicle, this is my only vehicle and as a single mom cant afford anything else. PLEASE HHHEEELLLLPPPPP!!! Thank you!