my 01 jeep grand cherokee laredo is misfiring.  My mechanic replaced the ignition coil and said it was fixed.  Next day, happened again.  Brought it back, he replaced something else, said it was fixed, next day, happened again.  Brought it to another mechanic, and it’s been there a  month and he cant figure out what’s wrong with it.  Any suggestions, or anyone had similiar problems and was and how was it fixed?  HEEEELP

2 thoughts on “01 JEEP MISFIRE”

  1. First thing I would look at is if it still has any engine codes as this can help narrow down which cylinder is misfiring or if it is multiple cylinders. This can help determine the possibilities greatly.

    If it is just a single cylinder you can swap coils to other cylinders to see if the misfire follows the coil or not. You can do the same with the fuel injectors, swap them with a different cylinder and see if the misfire follows the injector to a different cylinder.

    If its on multiple cylinders it could be a vacuum leak, a clogged catalytic converter to name a few.

  2. I had the same issue..what finally fixed it was a good clean out of the carburetor with seafoam spray that has the long red hose to get inside of it while its running. I also use lucas injector cleaner in the gas tank every fill up or so.

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