Apr 132012

The Left front door handle on my 91 Grand Prix SE 4 door broke.  I purchased a new one on Ebay for $15.   I installed it being sure that the actuator is in the slot in the handle and was reattached to the slot. When I lift the handle I can feel the actuator moving when I place my hand on it.   It will not open the door from the outside.  I adjusted the actuator thread all the way up and all the way down and in the middle.   It still will not open from the outside.     Is it possible I missed reconnecting something or is the Actuator bar possible bent?

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  1. Not likely to be bent unless you bent it or used a slim-Jim to break in to it and I am sure you would remember that. Since you just so happen to have another door on the other side of the car, I would use it as a template to insure you have it connected correctly.

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