1985 s10 blazer 2.8l v6

I have a ticking noise coming from my engine. I put a new crank kit in it and also replaced the lifters. I was told that it sounds like a bad wrist pin but I am not sure. The sound is loudest at idle. When I start it in the morning the noise is present. I can drive it around and if I push the clutch in I can still hear it from inside the cab. I drive it till its warmed up but the sound never goes away unless you go over 2k rpm. I was told to see if the sound went away when I pulled each spark plug one at a time and it stayed the same regardless of any spark plug wire removed.

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  1. Sometimes if the oil pump isn’t primed properly before starting the engine it can take out a new bearing in seconds…

    if you are certain it is a knock and not a tick(lifter not pumped up all the way yet) then you may be looking at taking it back apart and inspecting. Make sure the oil pump and pick up tube are not touching something, etc.

    Could be a bad, new lifter….

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