Placed in Drive car felt like it was going to lurch/jump forward and made a loud noise.  check engine light is now on.  Engine was cold.  Checked all other gears they felt fine and was smooth.  It only has happend in Drive.  Checked gears after I got home from work.  ALL the gears felt fine and smooth.  Automatic transmission.

What would cause this?  Should I be afraid to drive to work tonight?


  1. 2001 dodge ram 1500 over drive comes on by it self and the trans temp light comes on shortly afterwards please help

  2. Best thing to do is to have the codes read. It will give you a P0700 code which just means it has a transmission code. You will need a good scan tool to be able to pull the transmission codes. Most shops can do this. Could be a sticking Solenoid or two, but best to get the codes first before swapping out parts.

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